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July 8, 2021

37: Brandy Gratten: Preparing for the Principalship as an Assistant Principal

37: Brandy Gratten: Preparing for the Principalship as an Assistant Principal
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On today’s episode, I am chatting with powerhouse principal Brandy Gratten.  You’ll know why I say powerhouse by the end of this episode.  Brandy was recently appointed principal in April and is leading with focus and determination to make her school and staff the talk of the town. We chat about life as an Assistant Principal, moves that led her to the principalship and how she is leading her APs now.  If you are an aspiring or current Assistant Principal of leading one, this episode is for you.
Brandy Gratten is the PROUD Principal of Martin Middle School! Ms. Gratten is a Native Austinite, lifelong Educator and forever Coach. She has served in Austin ISD since 2007 as a Teacher, Coach, Team Leader, Curriculum Writer, Assistant Principal, High School Academy Director, and Principal. Her passion for education and leadership is fueled by building & sustaining positive relationships with students, staff, families, and our community. She believes, we exist to ensure our kids get smarter and feel safer every day as a direct result of what we do...that's how important our work is. She believes the richness of our history, diversity, and stories speak life, hope, and purpose into our present and future. One of her favorite phrases is, "TOGETHER UNSTOPPABLE".