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Great for all leaders!

Although this podcast is designed to highlight female school leaders, anyone wanting to improve and enhance their leadership skills will want to listen and learn.

Dr. Rios was super informative and great

Wow! What an episode to help school leaders organize their life! Looking forward to part two!

Authentic and Inspiring

This podcast captures authentic voices in educational leadership. Love to hear these wonderful voices amplified! You will be inspired as you listen to each leader share nuggets of wisdom.

Wow!! Just what I have needed!

I’m not sure how I stumbled upon “Principals of Success”, but I am SO grateful I did! Just having listened to only two episodes I have been rejuvenated and encouraged to BE the leader I was created to be! I love this platform because I am able to relate to other women leaders, but particularly I am able to relate to the women of color. I am the only Black female administrator (AP) within my wonderful district, however, I have desperately needed social and emotional support. Representation matters. Representation breeds confidence. The podcast has exposed me to more ideas, thoughts, support, and perspectives. This podcast has given me a renewed hope—in what CAN BE and confirmation and reinforcement of WHO I AM—to not apologize for it, to not “dumb” myself down, but to embrace and cultivate my leadership style while loving and serving people wholeheartedly. The sky is the limit for me! Keep doing great things! Thank you!!

Real, relevant and rewarding

As a woman and a school leader, I highly recommend this podcast! Dr. Henry provides a host of talented women with a wealth of knowledge. If you want to learn from a diverse group of women in school leadership- this is the podcast for you!


The Principals of Success podcast by Dr. Henry is such an inspiring and innovative way to connect female leaders. Listening to the leaders testimonials is so incredibly inspiring, and I also really appreciate the book recommendations. My book collection is inclusive, equitable and diverse thanks to all of them. Thank you Dr. Henry for doing this for us, you’re truly admirable!!

Making a Difference!

Dr. Henry does a phenomenal job connecting with powerful leaders that are making a difference in schools right now. In each episode, I learn practical strategies that I can implement immediately. I love the candid conversations about how to move schools forward academically, socially and emotionally, as well as behaviorally. Thank you, Dr. Henry for sharing these gems. You are growing leaders with each podcast you release. Keep making power moves and making a difference, Dr. Henry!

Love it!

I learned so much from the leaders Dr. Henry has on her show. She asks insightful questions. She also keeps her ear to the ground and knows educational trends that help keep us informed. Highly recommend!

Amazing host, amazing guests

Dr. Henry is a phenomenal school leader and has recruited some fellow amazing female school leaders to share their expertise and experiences on this podcast. Grab your notebook when you listen. You’re guaranteed to hear some amazing tips to implement in your school leadership tomorrow. Keep it up Dr. Henry!


Incredible content, insightful interviews and desperately needed. Thank you for this podcast and the indirect benefits to our students.

Refreshing and Inspiring

So great to hear from strong and dedicated women leaders and change makers. Their stories are inspiring and I walk away from each episode with actionable ideas for my own work. This podcast is a must listen for every future or current leader.

Love the Show!

Love the show, keep up the great work! I really enjoy listening to this podcast. Your conversations with these transformational instructional leaders are inspiring. Thank you for sharing with us all.

Inspiring Podcast

Principals of Success is simply amazing! Listening to the stories of strong female leaders is inspiring and motivational. I highly recommend the podcast to all educators and leaders!

Amazing Podcast Highly Recommend for all Leaders

If you are an aspiring Leader or a Leader with years of experience, this is a great way to learn from other’s journeys. As Women of Color, our experiences are all unique yet we may have common Parallels. This podcast inspired me to continue to develop my Craft and Lead with Intentionality! Highly Recommend it!

Refreshing and relevant

In this time, where time with colleagues is sparse, we needed this. The conversation, the connection, the collegiality. Lead learners helping lead learning that’s relatable and at the right time. Go!

These leaders will inspire you!

Each episode leaves you feeling inspired and full of ideas! I love hearing from amazing women leaders in education. Highly recommend for any educator, especially those in leadership positions.

Listen and Learn

Amazing leader and true get it done type of gal!!! Her insight, wisdom, and knowledge is pushing the boundaries for all female leaders. Listen and take note!!!!

Finally! I’ve been waiting for something like this

The voice of experience with so much valuable information - it’s fantastic and I can’t wait for more episodes!! Highly recommended for all school leaders.