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Feb. 11, 2021

22: Claudine Miles: The "Problem" Woman of Color in the Workplace

22: Claudine Miles: The
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Today we are shining a light on a subject that has been a common occurrence in leadership, but something we don't talk about...the pathway for women of color that often leads to many quality leaders leaving the profession or being pushed out.  Today we are talking to Claudine Miles, a former school administrator, and current Co-Founder and CEO of Restore More, a consulting firm focused on restorative practices, SEO and anti racism.  A few weeks ago, I was scrolling through Instagram and came across a post from Claudine that was, as they say, scroll stopping.  It was a visual for the four phases women of color experience between entering an organization and exiting an organization.  In today's episode, I asked Claudine about the four phases and how this plays out in the workplace. 

You can view the graphic and read about Claudine at